Promoting Citizen Empowerment and Inclusive Democracy in Province 2, Nagarik Sakriyata

Project Summary:

The project aims to empower citizens by enabling their involvement in planning, budgeting and decision-making. Hold the newly elected local governments accountable to deliver basic services in time and in the quality/quantity needed as per the local government standards and regulations. It also aims to empower Youth- led CSOs to engage in policy and governance processes and benefit from socio- economic development as well as practice and upscale good governance (GESI and RbA) best practices.

Funding Partner: The European Union

Project Duration: January 2019 to December 2022

Project Area:

  • Saptari: (1) Rajgadh Rural Municipality (2) Bishnupur Rural Municipality
  • Siraha: (1) Karjanha Municipality (2) Kalyanpur Municipality
  • Rautahat: (1) Isnath Municipality (2) Baudhimai Municipality

Overall objective of the intervention:

  • To contribute to enhanced citizens’ participation in sub- national good governance in Province 2.

Specific objective of the intervention:

  • Socially marginalized and economically poor citizens have access to accountable governmental services and actively participate in inclusive local development processes.

Expected Outputs:

  • Local government and selected public service providers apply participatory and inclusive development processes and deliver citizen-friendly and accountable services
  • Civil Society Organizations actively participate in local development planning and decision-making processes
  • Youth-led CSO are empowered and benefit from socio-economic development
  • Good governance best practices (GESI and Rights-based Approach) are practiced and up-scaled

Targeted Groups:

  • Target Group 1 (TG1) (LG) includes i) Government representatives of all 54 Wards of the 6 Municipalities (6 Mayor, 6 Deputy Mayor, Ward Chairperson and 4 members (5*54 Wards= 270), total 282), and 30 thematic staff (women, health)
  • Target Group (TG2) (CSOs): 54 CSOs (1/ward, approx 1080 members), 24 Youth groups (4/Ward, approx 360 members), 
  • Final Beneficiaries: The final beneficiaries of the Action are the most marginalized people. This includes 10, 685 Dalits (including 10, 225 Musahar and 460 Dom) and 32, 560 Muslim citizens.  

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