‘All children should be in full-time formal day school’ is a campaign created to promote meaningful involvement of all children in educational institutions throughout Nepal, including 7 Provinces, 77 Districts, and 753 Local Levels. Every child, regardless of color, gender, or disability, should have access to a high-quality education that is free of prejudice and respectful of their dignity. Unless and until every child in the country is properly educated, a nation cannot grow and move towards social changes that lead to development. The efforts both by commercial and governmental sectors have been found to be insufficient for satisfying a global requirement for excellent education, in the context of a developing nation like Nepal.

In order to make a positive impact, the campaign will advocate for the slogan "no to child labor, yes to education". Also, the campaign in close coordination, and collaboration with Palikas and local communities will help the communities/Palikas to become a child labor free zone. Realizing the transformative power of education, the campaign will help aware all concerned that investing in children education brings vital development in different field, thereby contributing the mission of nation building. We believe the campaign will pave sustainable ways to send children to full-time formal day school and provide free and high-qualities public education. The campaign also aims to inform, and aware children that school is a best place to learn. For this, school stakeholders will be made aware to make school a best place with friendly environment, where they can enjoy by learning.

The purpose of this campaign is to promote the full constitutional rights of children, in terms of education and learning; and most importantly, to encourage individuals to make a substantial contribution to the nation-building by investing in child education. So, our prime goal is to help create a favorable environment for children to attain full-time formal day school, so that they can exercise their rights to education for an overall better life.

The objective of the campaign is to strike a balance between 'children's and educational institutions' involvement. In particular, the SDGs goal 4 (Quality Education) will be promoted, and the significant implementation of citizen’s educational rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Nepal 2072 Part 3 (Article 31) will be promoted.

We believe that ‘youngsters of today are not just the nation builders of tomorrow, but also our companion who holds the responsibility to change the world for better’. For this, they should exercise their right to education. Our responsibility is to create favorable environment that enables children to attain and complete their schooling.

  • Children access to inclusive and quality education.
  • Create a platform for children/youngsters to share their knowledge, information, and talents.
  • Boost the self-esteem and decision-making abilities of children.
  • Advocate that any forms of Violence against Children (VAC) is not acceptable (because VAC has a lifelong impact on their overall health and progress).
  • Identify the child's best interests.
  • Make children/youngsters responsible for their actions based on the circumstances.
  • Educate children/youngsters to be a decent citizen.
  • Facilitate to create favorable environment for school enrollment of every child.
  • Help bring awareness amongst all concerned that children/youngsters are full of potential and abilities to contribute to society.
  • Aware concerned stakeholders to provide relevant opportunity to help unleash the potential of children, and as based on their achievements.
  • Help increase ownership of children/youngsters of their rights and responsibilities.
We believe that ‘Children’s Education is our Prestige’. So, formal education is what the campaign will prioritize, promote, and advocate for. The major objective of the campaign is -‘All children should be in full-time formal day school’, which is to enroll every child at school, and to have regular follow up of their activities inside and outside the school. So, we aim to make easy access to quality education for every child & parents. Further, the campaign also aims to:
  • Encourage people to use locally available educational institutions; help facilitate to make these institutions sustainable.
  • Raise awareness on the importance of quality education and full-time formal day school among all concerned throughout the country.

A society in which all children enjoy their fundamental right to education, and become self-empowered that satisfy the requirement for worldwide education.


Facilitate the creation of favorable environment that enable all children to attain full-time formal day school


According to Nepal-2072 constitution all children should attain equitable and high-quality primary/secondary education. Children have access to well equipped institution with future responsibilities at a minimum elementary & secondary education. Children are not subjected to any forms of violence