Nepal has been vulnerable to various types of natural disasters including Earthquake, Flood, Landslide, Cold Wave, Drought, Windstorm, Fire, Tornado, Epidemic and others. Being aware to some of the past major natural disasters, ASN made an intervention to reduce the risk and support during the emergency with the initiation of “Emergency Fund” since 2019.
To support the emergency fund Aasaman Nepal has established its bank account in Global IME Bank, which details are given below:
The emergency fund has been established with the support from the team members (staffs) of Aasaman Nepal. The fund has been utilized during the support of emergency relief. And we like to seek help from individuals/donors to contribute to the Emergency Fund which will be used to support the communities who will be affected by such natural calamities.
Account Name
Aasaman Nepal Emergency Fund
Bank A/C Number
Bank Name
Global IME Bank

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