निक शिक्षा दिअ । जनम् देली
त पढ् दिअ

Aasaman envisages a society where all children are grown up, enjoying their Childhood and development opportunities in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.


Aasaman aims to build a society which protects, promotes and fulfills the rights of children where all children equally enjoy their basic rights Including access to quality health, education, protection, and livelihood opportunities.


Aasaman facilitates to increase voices and choices of rights-holders (mainly women, girls and disadvantaged people and communities) to government basic services and entitlements including their meaningful participation in local institutions and structures (decision making bodies).

who we are

Aasaman Nepal:
A Brief Introduction

Aasaman Nepal (ASN) is one of the leading national NGO in the area of education, child protection, health, livelihood and natural resource management since its establishment in 1999.

ASN focuses its thematic interventions in line with the Universal Human Rights Declaration (UHRD) and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Rights (UNCRC) for realizing the economic, social, political and citizenship rights of people especially of children including girls as well as boys.

Nik Sikchha - an initiative of Aasaman Nepal
beneficiaries contributed
young girls benefitted formal/ informal School
HHs received emergency relief support materials
HHs followed the concept of nutrition garden
Areas we focus on


ASN promotes and demonstrates inclusive, transparent, effective, and innovative (learning) working culture, system, structures and mechanisms within and outside the organization. It aims to diversify its funding both from donors and government with an emphasis to collaborate with local government and institutions. Working as a bridge between people and authorities, Aasaman wishes to ultimately contribute to: i) reduce households level poverty of marginalized people, and ii) increase accountability, democratic practices and rule of law in the country.

Through the partnership with various government departments, INGOs, NGOs, CSOs, & CBOs ASN creates opportunities for the most underprivileged & disadvantaged group in Province 2, thereby, contributing to the national priorities & goals including the SDGs 2030 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11).

Education & Child Protection

Increase people’s access to education and enhance quality.

Women Empowerment

empowering women and motivating in effective participation.

Health & Nutrition

We work to make the community aware and alert by spreading the knowledge of nutrition within the community

DRR & Humanitarian Response

Livelihood & Governance

Advocacy and Influence on Policy

Together We Can Change The Life Of Childrens For Their Better Future .