No single child should be outside the school

ASN aimed to bring every child of its working area into school. For this, ASN initiated several movements. The most remarkable of which was its “kaam chodau school pathau” movement. ASN largely got success in getting children out of work and into the schools. But it was difficult to ensure that each child of school-going age (i.e., 5-14 years) in ASN working areas is retained in school once they are enrolled. For ASN, one child is 100 percent in itself, meaning no single child should be outside the school (otherwise, they are in work), and should not be dropped out untimely. It was a responsibility as well as a challenge for ASN at the same time. From the very beginning of its program, ASN involves community and the issues of children out of work. As ASN considers any child of that particular age group is not in school, and then he or she is in work, ASN prepares the community to involve in this new discourse.

Each Child Monitoring (ECM) is devised as a tool for community mobilization and a movement to get all the children into schools.

Therefore, ASN launched a campaign, “kaam chodau, school pathau”. Experiences suggested that only to get the child into a school is not enough, it turns out to be even tougher to retain him or her in school and to maintain the regularity and to check the dropouts. Therefore, ASN in collaboration with support structures monitors if every child in the village is going to school, if not, what are the reasons, how is the regularity in the school, and what is drop out ratio, and what are the reasons behind, and so on.

Brick-Kiln Industry children counselled on the importance of schooling - Aasaman Nepal

Brick-Kiln Industry children counseled on the importance of schooling.