Role of Organization


Aasaman Nepal does not create structures parallel to existing government structures. It works as a facilitator and organizer. It works closely with the communities to organize them and mobilize them.

Linkage/bridge builder

Aasaman Nepal works as a linkage builder between the government service providing agencies and the communities. It believes that there should be awareness on both sides about their role and responsibilities. Aasaman Nepal works to make them realize their responsibilities.

Capacity builder   

Aasaman Nepal builds the capacity of the communities and service providers particularly VDCs, wards and line agency staff in understanding various issues with regard to child labor and education for all. They are thoroughly oriented on the harms of child labor for children, families and society at large. In other words, their capacity to deal with child labor is developed. Capacity building processes lead to sustainability of activities and programs.


Aasaman Nepal has been and will continue to be a strong advocate of the protection and fulfilment of the child rights. Based on its grassroots experience, it advocates the issues not only at the community and district levels, but also at the national level. By advocating at the national level it wishes to bring about policy changes in regards to teachers’ accountability, enrolment of students throughout the year, reduction in the administrative procedures in enrolment, increase in the number of female teachers in schools and reduction in the hidden costs.


Aasaman Nepal works as promoter of good practices, wherever they may happen. It shares and promotes the activities, strategies, processes or events that it believes should be replicated in other places. It also learns from the experiences of other institutions and adopts them in its context.

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