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Active Citizenship Through Inclusive Volunteering and Empowerment (ACTIVE)

Project Summary:

This project will be supporting 20 schools, 20 health facilities and 40 YHCs (Youth Health Champions) of 20 wards of two district i.e., Bara, & Rautahat. Project will reach 72450 ( Female-36959 Male-35501 including 725 People with Disability.

Funding Partner: VSO

Project Duration: September 2022 to March 2023

Project Area:

  • Bara (Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city, Jeetpur Simara)
  • Rautahat (Gaur M, Gadhimai M)

Project Objective (Impact):

The objective of the ACTIVE program is to promote “More inclusive, open, resilient, and gender equitable societies”.

Project Expected Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Improved active citizenship by the marginalized and vulnerable local people as well as local volunteers

Outcome 2: Improved access and delivery of quality services in health, education, and livelihoods for marginalized and vulnerable local people. 

Outcome 3: Increased uptake and application of Global Standard for Volunteering by relevant stakeholders, locally and globally, for citizen-led development programmes.

Outcome 4: Improved evidence of and understanding on the effectiveness of the volunteering for development approach in citizens’ empowerment and system’s accountability.

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