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Listening to the Experts

Project Summary: 

Listening to the Experts is a 30 month multi-country project funded by the Kindernothilfe (KNH). The consortium project is being implemented by Aasaman Nepal as a beneficiary and Child Nepal as a co-beneficiary for the implementation of the project activity in Nepal. The project is an advocacy initiatives project for the meaningful participation of children and the voice of children is heard.

The project aims to work with different level of stakeholders that includes children, NGOs and policy makers and government authorities to ensure participation of children and their voice is heard and recommendation of children reflected in the policy document.

Funding Partner: Kindernothilfe (KNH)  

Project Duration: October 2021 to March 2024

Project Area: Bagmati and Madhesh Province

Project Objective (Impact): 

Responsible local to national authorities and other actors, also at international level, begin to put the right to participation (UN CRC Article 12) of working children into practice.

Project Expected Outcomes:

The perspectives and recommendations of working children and young people are taken into account by policy makers, i.e. they are incorporated into policies and programmes on child labour in Nepal and Pakistan. 

Project Sub Goal: 

  1. 750 (350 Nepal) working children are consulted by 28 local NGOs on their experiences as working children and their recommendations for improving/changing their situation.
  2. Ten relevant decision-makers at local to national level are aware of the right of working children and young people to participate in the formulation of the Hazardous National Child Labour List (HNCLL) or other instruments.
  3. Leading NGOs advocate for the inclusion of the recommendations of working children and young people in policies on child labour.

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