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Building resilience and nutrition security in the Kamala River Basin, Siraha Districts (NPL 1070-19)

Project Summary:

The project is carrying out focused activities for nutrition vulnerable and needy population groups in the same area in particular families with malnourished children. In total 34896 households (192396 individuals) will be benefitted from the strengthened nutrition governance in three municipalities of Kalyanpur, Karjanha and Siraha (45 local administrations/wards).

Direct target groups are: 3500 children under the age of five and their mothers/guardians are selected for the nutrition camps with care, nursing, nutrition advise (Selection criteria is the entry screening of children identified as MAM = moderately acute malnourished: “weight for height”). 3000 smallholder households (less than 0.2 ha) are selected for the promotion of sustainable integrated farming systems (SIFS) and linking agriculture, natural resource management, nutrition and WASH (LANN+). 500 landless households with low economic status and belonging to the most marginalized communities (Dalit/ Muslims) will be selected for income generation activities and LANN+. The selected families will have a malnourished child and/or a nutrition vulnerable person and belong to economic poor category in terms of income. 450 representatives from the elected local governments and government representatives of the municipalities will be selected for various capacity development measures.

The project focuses on the implementation of five main methods and instruments:

  • Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)
  • Develop sustainable integrated farming systems (SIFS)
  • Linking Agriculture and Natural Resource Management towards Nutrition Security (LANN+)
  • Organisation of nutrition camps – Nutrition Education and Rehabilitation Programme (NERP).
  • The evidence-based nutrition advocacy.

Funding Partner: Deutsche Welt Hunger Hilfe e.v and BMZ

Project Duration: March 1, 2021 – April 30, 2024

Project Area: Municipalities of Siraha district:

  • Siraha Municipality
  • Karjanha Municipality
  • Kalyanpur Municipality

Objective: Improved food, nutrition security and enhanced climate resilience of three targeted municipalities (34896 households) in the catchment area of Kamala River, Siraha District in Nepal.

Project output:

  • Smallholder and landless households have improved availability and access to diverse foods.
  • Targeted households adopt improved nutrition, care and hygiene practices.
  • The municipalities have improved their nutrition governance with enhanced engagement of citizens, in particular the marginalized groups.

Expected Outcome: The food security status of the target households is sustainably secured through the practice of diversified cropping systems and nutrition and WASH behavior.

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