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Civil Society Strengthening Program (SIDA)

Project Summary:

SIDA CSO Strengthening Project is a four-year multi-partner project funded by the Save the Children and Sweden Sverige. The project is being implemented by Aasaman Nepal as a provincial level partner to strengthen capacity of civil society organization in Madhesh Province. The project is a strengthening capacity of civil society organizations and advocacy initiatives project for the respect, protect and fulfillment of rights of the children in Nepal.

The project aims to work with different level of stakeholders and CSOs in three province of Nepal that includes CSOs/Networks, children’s agencies, and government authorities to ensure children are protected and their rights is fulfilled. 

Funding Partner: Save the Children and Sweden Sverige

Project Duration: August 2022 to November 2026

Project Area: Madhesh Province

Project Objective (Impact)

  • Strengthen civil society in Nepal to become more robust actors that act in enhancing state accountability and empowering children and their communities to realize children’s rights

Project Expected Outcomes

Increase Civil Society Organizations’ Capacity

Outcome 1: Civil society organizations are actively engaged and mobilized to promote children’s rights

Develop children’s agency in Society.

Outcome 2: Children’s agency built to influence decision-making processes at all levels of society

Promote child rights and increase equitable access to quality service.

Outcome 3: Governments held to account by CSOs for their obligations towards children derived from international human rights instruments and the constitution of Nepal

Recognize civil society as a key actor in all governments’ decision making relevant to children’s rights in general as well as their rights to protection, health and education.

Outcome 4: CSOs are in better position for civil society influence and to expand civic space

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