Aasaman Nepal with Plan International Nepal is implementing the “Promoting Gender Equality through Education in Dhanusha District (Shikshya Project, Dhanusha). Shikshya project will improve the learning environment and quality of education in pre-schools (3-4 years old) and basic education schools (5-12 years old / grades 1-8) and promote gender equality through education in Danusha District, Madhesi Province. The Aasaman Nepal is looking for the self-motivated, result oriented and hard-working Nepali citizen for the following positions:

  1. Project Coordinator – One

Job Description

With close coordination with program manager of Aasaman Nepal and Project Specialist of Plan International Nepal, the incumbent will be fully responsible for project planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting including coordination with concerned offices and stakeholders of the project. S/he should ensure quality and compliance of the project as stipulated time frame work of the project including mobilization of project resources in desirable project goals and results.

Planning and Implementation:

  • Provide technical expertise on learn projects along with planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the project
  • Lead, coordinate and monitor implementation of project activities as per Detail Implementation Plan (DIP)
  • Coordinate, provide technical support and review and monitor for the effective implementation of Project Management Cycle with ensuring gender transformative approach in the project implementation and reporting.
  • Generate and document evidence of education of best practices and learning of the project and take lead in disseminating learning of the project targeting to stakeholders
  • Mobilize project resource (budget and human resource) to achieve set results as per result framework.
  • Ensure annual and total project target achieve in time frame of the project.
  • Support staffs to ensure the quality of construction work at school level
  • Coordinate with province, local government authorities, consultants, and other non-governmental organizations to create collaborative efforts through regular meetings, interactions, and initiating joint monitoring visits and social campaigns.
  • Capacity strengthening of the project team, the local government and school level stakeholders.
  • Ensure accountability towards government authorities by sharing project target, budget, progress as well as delivery approaches.
  • With support of MERL Officer, generate and compile the project data and ensure quality periodic report as per need and submit to partner within stipulated time.
  • Represent the organization at different forums, platforms, networks, and consultants and ensure meaningful participation.
  • Understand project’s theory of change, log frame, monitoring framework etc. and share with the team.
  • Other duties as per need assigned by Program Head

Qualification and required skills:

Master’s Degree in Education, Development Studies, Rural Development, Sociology and other relevant field with at least five years’ experience in education including project of infrastructure development in education sector.

  1. Sub-Engineer – One

Job Description

The incumbent will be mainly focused on the following major duties and responsibilities.

  • Liaise with contractor, school and school management committees, communities, local government, and partner for effective construction programming and strategies.
  • With reference to provided design, prepare tender document of constructions works such school building, toilets, drinking water/hand washing stations with clear drawings and BOQ and specifications of construction works
  • Prepare Cost Estimation of school’s infrastructures repair and renovation.
  • Prepare the contract documents/agreement for execution of construction activities.
  • Coordinate with the Supply chain/the project team for agreement with construction vendors, and contractors/ School Management committee.
  • Work closely with the contractors/ School Management committee for the smooth implementation of the construction activities.
  • Prepare Work schedule, Materials, and Labor breakdown for each construction site/activity.
  • Provide technical support to contractor and skill/unskill labors.
  • Conduct monitoring and supervision of construction & renovation work.
  • Ensure the quality of the construction & renovation works and materials used.
  • Prepare the measurement book, stage completion report, and payment recommendation.
  • Prepare the construction progress report and tracker; share the report/tracker with the team/ donor on a regular basis.
  • Lead the construction works and ensure the full management of construction activities, agreements, and contracts.
  • Ensure that monitoring and supervision plans and tools are well developed and implemented.
  • Ensure that the development of construction projects includes support from the relevant stakeholders.

Qualification and required skills:

Diploma (PCL) in Civil Engineering or equivalent with a minimum of 3 years of work experience. Preferable to BE civil engineering. Should have skills on AutoCAD, and MS Excel. Knowledge in Rate Analysis and Cost Estimation of Buildings.

  1. Administration and Finance Officer – One

Admin and Finance Officer will be responsible to provide support in finance, administration and logistics management for project, and ensure that financial records are maintaining properly; including processing journal vouchers, reconciling accounts and preparing reports. Ensure all required compliances, which include budget details forecast, payment and disbursements; procurement review; monitoring and reporting. The position reports to the project manager and partner organization.

Job Description

Manage Accounting System

  • Prepare the accounts payable of travel and business advance on time with approval of supervisors on time.
  • Accounts payable for payments to suppliers and vendors with ensuring all the supporting documents on time.
  • Ensure the tax calculation and deduction on the source of payment as per Income tax act of Nepal. Preparation of Tax, cheque and deposition on time.
  • Management of office Petty Cash disbursement regularly with proper cash balance as the organizational policy.
  • Prepare cash disbursement voucher as per Financial Management Policy and enter valid account code, cost center, donor combination, project number on all vouchers according to chart of account.

Record keeping and reporting

  • Ensure all vouchers are developing with reference of finance policy and procedure.
  • Real-time data entry and provide required information to the concerned.
  • Preparation of trial-balance and bank reconciliation and develop the financial report as prescribed format and submit to the concerned as timely manner.

Ensure sound internal control systems and excellent stewardship in communities

  • Conduct financial monitoring of program activities as per the financial monitoring tools and risk factors.
  • Report the observation findings to the supervisor upon conducting each financial monitoring and provide recommendation for improvement.
  • Responsible for review, analysis and submit the financial reports with compliance are meeting.
  • Assist and orient to the team in using the forms and format maintaining the consistency for finance and procurement.
  • Assist the program team in developing budgets, standard costing, implementation plans and help determine any necessary arrangements including cost-sharing.
  • Support to Project Coordinator to review the project detailed implementation plan and budgets to determine optimal utilization/allocation of funds of project.
  • Manage cash flow concerning the project activities, including the timely release of funds and cash forecasting to ensure smooth implementation of project intervention with close coordination of Project Manager and Executive Director.
  • Ensure minimum financial standards and compliances are applying as agreed between organization and donor.

Administration, Maintenance and Communication:

  • Implement safety measures and contribute to conduct regular safety (SOPs) briefing regarding equipment, movements and means of communication to staff.
  • Responsible to document and file the legal and statutory records, maintain and update files with legal and statutory documents safe, confidential and accessible, and ensure to record all contractual documents.
  • Handling, receiving, and responding the phone calls, letters and information.
  • Participate in internal work meetings and discuss on logistic and operational issues. Attend meetings/trainings, when organized or requested.
  • Values in the approach to work and relationships with colleagues and fellow friends
  • Maintain highest working ethics and integrity
  • Manage office supplies stock and place orders
  • Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budgets
  • Maintain and update business partner databases
  • Organize a filing system for important and confidential documents
  • Answer queries by the employees and clients regarding finance and compliance
  • Assist to project team in logistic arrangement for meetings, trainings, workshop and other program as required
  • Distribute and store correspondence (e.g., letters, and packages)
  • Arrange travel, accommodations and guest relations as per necessity
  • Organize and manage the schedules and calendars for the project team
  • Receive and process the communication channels, including email, phone, and physical mail
  • Develop a payroll and personnel database for human resources in the project
  • Ensure functionality of necessary office equipment, and requisitioning new equipment and supplies as needed
  • Offer assistance in organizing events, including ordering materials and requisitioning meeting spaces
  • Attend meetings and record notes and messages for the project team
  • Perform duties as assigned by supervisor

Procurement, logistics and maintenance

  • Responsible for local procurement of the goods and services following the standard practices, in rational and systematic manner in adherence to procurement guideline as abide by all prevailing compliance and ethical procedures, respecting the humanitarian rules.
  • Maintain the transparency of the process, the commercial rules about fair competitiveness; standardize the local market, maintaining the quality of goods/service to be procured, considering the operating and maintenance costs.
  • Avoid situations and conditions that may involve or show connections with conflict of interest, corruption, fraud, financial malfeasance by ensuring the transparency in the use of procedures. Comply with and maintain knowledge of applicable rules, legislation, regulations, standards, and best practices.
  • Control order performance, including delivery, receipt, warranty, damages, reconcile or resolve value discrepancies. 
  • Prepares all appropriate and complete documentation from Purchase Request to donation/stock consumption including but not limited to quotations collected, evaluation grid, supplier details, product details etc.
  • Maintain regular communication with local stakeholder and beneficiaries for providing logistics support in field operation.
  • Organize the logistics arrangement for project activities such as workshops, trainings, seminars, meetings etc. and participate in program support.

Fleet Management

  • Inspects and ensure the staff safety, and vehicle use guidelines in rented/owned vehicles. Make sure that the drivers drive the vehicles in the respect of the safety rules.
  • Ensure proper recording on fleet management of vehicles (owned or rented) (e.g., logbooks, fuel consumption etc.)
  • Responsible to book hotels, flights and accompany visitor logistics support need etc. as per approved/ shared travel plans.

Stock and Asset

  • Ensure that all equipment is well organized and correctly stored, well protected, fully identified and easily accessible (cleanliness, safety, access, etc.). Update the inventory record of the equipment, furniture and other items including periodic physical verification of inventories and report.
  • Responsible to maintain the regular need of office including but not limited to stationaries, office supplies, drinking water, tea/coffee, electricity, cleaning, communication, and other essential items in the field complying the environment policy and other relevant guidelines.
  • Route, schedule, pack and prepare orders for delivery; load vehicles; schedule and oversee deliveries and pick-ups.

Qualification and required skills:

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration with courses in accounting. Masters would be a plus. Minimum of Five years of experience in an operation and finance position with similar responsibilities is required, preferably with an international or NGO with construction related project’s experience.

  1. MERL Officer – One

Job Description

Overall accountability of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) including knowledge management product development and documentation, and ensuring project accountability and community engagement.


  • Support program/project team in developing MEAL and Communication Plan.
  • Ensure proper implementation of MEAL and Communication plan.
  • Develop MEAL plan and ensure the planned activities are embedded in project/program plan
  • Technically support program/project team in developing monitoring checklist and tools.
  • Support program team during project/program planning.


  • Conduct quality monitoring against quality benchmark, prepare monitoring visit reports and develop action plan jointly with program team.
  • Conduct follow-up monitoring visits to materialize action agreed in action plan tracker are being implemented at field level
  • Conduct quarterly output tracking (Variance analysis, source verification & Progress of outputs), prepare a brief report and share with concerned program team.
  • Ensure project data in Plan Collect or other suggested project information management system or form and format in regular basis
  • Conduct Data Quality Assurance (DQA) at time of survey, prepare a brief report and share with concerned program team.
  • Review project tracking report (activities planned vs. achievements) along with the reason for its variance (Monthly).
  • Conduct joint monitoring in coordination with program and finance team and produce its report.


  • Support program team/consultants/evaluation team during field visits.
  • Support program/project team during baseline, mid-term evaluation, situation analysis and database reporting.
  • Support in logistic arrangement for evaluation team during field visits.


  • Ensure that all staffs of the organization fully understand and promote accountability in general and to children in particular through training and coaching.
  • Establish an effective functional system for complaints/ feedback handling and response mechanisms at organization.
  • Designing community sharing tools (pocket/ wall calendar, hoarding boards, master flex prints and radio jingles) in close coordination with SC’s MEAL team.
  • Ensure community sharing tools are used properly (pocket calendar with MEAL’s information, master flex print, radio jingles, toll free number and objectives of the activity/ project) with the beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that the feedback/Response mechanism issues are addressed on time.
  • Ensure the complaints and feedbacks have been successfully and timely updated in the OPMIS.
  • Perform regular trend analysis (of various variables present in the FRM recording form) of feedback/response at organization level and share it with program team.
  • Conduct preliminary verification and prepare preliminary report in case of serious nature of complaints filed by beneficiaries/ communities.
  • Ensure that the complaints/ feedback mechanism guideline has been followed by all staffs within the PNGOs (staffs and board members).
  • Conduct complaints satisfaction survey rating (quarterly) and share with program team if required.


  • Generate learning on your own and from program team through monitoring visit and activity implementation
  • Document all the learning’s in learning log sheet
  • Conduct debriefing session among all staff about learning in all staff meeting and develop an action plan following the learning log sheet
  • Support program team to incorporate key learning’s in upcoming plan and intervention (Generated through FRM and Action plan tracker)
  • Share the progress of leaning in each month during all staff meeting
  • Compile at least two case studies related to MEAL good practices.


  • Prepare and disseminate different communication materials as stipulated in program/project document.
  • Ensure project related documents are archive at safe and accessible place.
  • Document best practices, success stories and case stories of program/project.
  • Ensure project reports are fully complying with donor requirements and compliances are embedded in program/project’s reports.

Qualification and required skills:

Bachelor’s degree in state/economics or in any discipline from a recognized institute with 3-5 years of experiences in working with I/NGOs in the similar field. The candidate must have a valid motorbike/scooter license and be willing to travel in the community frequently.

  1. Social Mobilizer – Four

Job Description

Assistance to project interventions’ implementation, coordination, communication and data gathering from field.

Job Description

  • Recognize the Aasaman Nepal with local community and other agencies and share its working modality
  • Identify the issues of that area and facilitate for the discussion.
  • Conduct the various meeting with local communities
  • Carry out regular field monitoring visits with aim for improving performance, activities tracking, quality achievement, and sustainability of the project 
  • Perform the representative of the organization in the working area and establish the relationship with stakeholders of the working area.
  • Inform and share regularly about the meeting, regular activities, training and different events of the program
  • Endorsement, effective planning, and mobilization of school/community and Local level
  • Develop monthly, and quarterly action plans in line with an annual detailed implementation plan.
  • Liaise with concerned government stakeholders in the assigned rural/municipality, and community and maintain healthier professional relationships in the project working area
  • Coordinate and communicate regularly with the Project Coordinator and project team, including MEAL Officer.

Qualification and required skills:

Intermediate level in Education or any related field with minimum 2 years of working experience especially in education projects, particularly on girls and inclusive education; gender programming.

Languages:   Strong command of Nepali, English (oral and written) and local language preferred/required.  

Aasaman Nepal has zero tolerance of abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people. We expect all our employees/volunteers to ensure we are protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm and abide by our safeguarding policy.

Other Attributes for all positions: Excellent quality of work and commitment to high standards, strong communication skills, team building and willingness and motivated for good service delivery with strong networking and interpersonal skills and comfortable to work under stress and emergencies.

Age Limit: Candidates between 21 years to 45 years are only eligible to apply for the above position, depending upon the nature of job they will carry.

All employees must adhere to child safeguarding in person’s provisions covered in the project agreement.

Monitor staff and partners’ and ensure adherence to Aasaman Nepal’s policies and internal procedures, protocols, Aasaman Nepal’s code of Conduct with special attention to Safeguarding Standards and Procedure, Case Handling Framework, Child Protection and Do No Harm Policies. Also, immediate reporting and redress of any complaints and issues based on its severity.


  • Locals, especially women and members of ethnic or marginalized communities are encouraged to apply for this position.
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be notified for the further process.
  • Canvassing at any stage of the recruitment process shall lead to automatic disqualification of the candidate.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application filled by downloading the link below along with an updated CV by 7 days 29/03/2023

Please note that these positions are conditional and hiring process will be undertaken as per fund availability.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for participation in the recruitment process. No telephone inquiry is entertained. ASN reserves the right to qualify/disqualify any applications without any reason.

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