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Gender Transformative and Inclusive Quality Education Promotion Project (SPAD)- Learn

Project Goal:

Improved access to inclusive, quality, safe and, relevant education for girls & young women which equips them for the future they desire

Funding Partner: Plan International Nepal 

Project Duration: March 2022 – June 2023

Network: Local Government, Civil Society, School, Child Club, Parents and Local leader 

Project Area: Dhanusha District:

  • Bideh Municipality
  • Janaknandini Rural Municipality 


  • Increased learning outcomes in early grades via promoting child friendly learning environment
  • Strengthened gender transformative & inclusive learning environment and system
  • Improved STEAM based teaching & learning system in schools
  • Reduced disaster risk and climate change effect in schools and communities

Major Achievement:

  • 286 persons participated in 3 star WASH training (SMC, PTA, Child Club, HT and Teachers)
  • 10 Remedial Class running for marginalize and low performance students
  • 330 young students participatrd in MHM orientation
  • 263 persons participated in DRR training (SMC, PTA, Child Club, HT and Teachers)
  • Gender transformative in Education orientation provided to 16 members of newly elected local bodies
  • Provided to Screening training to teachers, organizational staff to 30 members
  • 295 teachers received gender pedagogy and gender transformative training
  • 40 teachers received STEAM training.
  • Educational material support to 30 disability and 50 marginalized/sponsored students
  • Carpet, Cushion, playing material supported to 10 schools for ECD to grade 3. 3490 Students are direct benifited.
  • 7 Classroom repaired
  • 4 School toilet and drinking water repaired
  • 9 Rest room developed in 9 schools


10,500 students, teacher, child club representatives’ parents, marginalized community member, Sponsored child, family and Local leader of 15 Schools.


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