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Maternal and Newborn Health Continuum of Care (MNH_CoC) Project Report

Project Summary: 

This project will address prioritized demand and supply-side barriers to increase utilization of MNH services across the continuum of care, by improving linkages and reducing dropouts, ultimately leading to better MNH outcomes. The primary target population of the project will be Women of Reproductive Age (15-49yrs) (WRA), mothers and newborn children (28 days).

The program interventions will be guided by the following key principles:

  • Reaching the poor and marginalized to address socio-economic inequalities.
  • Strengthen and work with government systems whenever possible for sustainability.
  • Improve the quality of services and data; and
  • Generate and use evidence to improve programs.

Funding Partner: PSI Nepal

Project Duration: November 2021 to December 2023

Project Area: 

  1. Dhanusha: (1) Mithila Bihari (2)Hanspur (3) Kamala (4) Laxminiya (5) Sabaila (6) Sahidnagar
  2. Mahottari: (7) Aurahi (8) Balwa (9) Loharpatti (10) Ramgopalpur (11) Samsi (12) Sonama
  3. Sarlahi: (13) Parsa (14) Haripurwa

Key objectives of the intervention:

  1. Increase knowledge of and demand for MNH care and service
  2. Strengthen capacity of government health facilities and providers to deliver quality MNH Services.
  3. Strengthen linkages, referrals and follow up for mothers and newborns across the different places and times of care throughout the continuum.

Expected Outcome:

Improved utilization of Maternal and Newborn Health services across the continuum of care.

  • Enhance ANC Visits for pregnancy as per protocol.
  • Strengthen quality care services and delivery in a health facility.
  • Enhance PNC Visits as per protocol.

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