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When learning is put into practice

When learning is put into practice

The greatest achievements are when the learning is put into practice benefiting all. A resident of Parsagadhi Municipality-3, Mr. Keshwor Nath Shukla has achieved praises and honor by putting in learning into practice for others. The chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) – Mr. Shukla had an opportunity to participate in the 3-days training on ‘First Aid & Light Search and Rescue (LSAR)’ organized by ASN with the financial support of UNICEF Nepal. The training taught him about disaster preparedness & prevention through various drills on fire, flood & earthquake. 

Following the practice of inclusion, the ‘First Aid & LSAR Training’ brought concerned stakeholders (schools, students & community members) at a common ground to learn safety measures to be adopted by all during the face of disaster. The training was facilitated by the expert trainer from Red Cross. The major aim of the training was to sensitize the participants regarding the techniques of search & rescue efforts that will enable them to assist people during a disaster.

Days passed by from the training and Mr. Shukla went back to his normal life. One day, however when he was returning home from the temple in the early hours of the day, he saw a girl of around 7 years of age caught
In a fire, crying for help. Her parents and relatives were crying outside the house as the fire was getting out of control. Some soldiers of the Nepal Army too were at the spot of the incident but were not able to help. Mr. Shukla was later felicitated by the Nepal Army (Pashupati Prasad Gan).

“I knew I had to step in and save her. I recollected all the learnings from the training and went ahead” Mr. Shukla says. Recollecting his learnings, Mr. Shukla stepped inside, used the methods taught at the fire drill, and thus was able to save the girl’s life. The good practice adopted here is that the trainee was able to put his learning into practice and thus save the life of a young girl caught in the fire.

Mr. Shukla during the training

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