Aasaman has been working in the health and nutrition sectors since its inception. It works to make the community aware and alert by spreading the knowledge of nutrition within the community. It has also worked to enhance the capacities of health institutes and to ensure result-oriented outcomes. ASN has experienced that pervasive malnutrition of the community can be controlled with a focus on food security and nutrition practices. Contributing to the above-mentioned scenario Aasaman Nepal focused on health and implemented the below-mentioned programs under the health theme.

Project under Health & Nutrition Theme

  • Women’s Health Project – Phase V
  • Regional Program on Multi-Sectoral Approach Promote Nutrition Smart Village in Bangladesh, Nepal, India- Phase I
  • Building livelihood resilience and nutrition security in the Kamala River Basin in Siraha district

The proportion of underweight children is around 48 percent, of the 10 percent suffer from acute malnutrition and 13% by a combination of stunting, vitamin A deficiency, and iron deficiency. Food availability and security remain uneven, particularly in hill and mountain regions.