Trainings on Good Governance by Aasaman Nepal

Focused Area: Governance / Awareness

Implemented Districts:

Targeted Beneficiaries: 2000+


  • Community Awareness Programs
  • Experiences Sharing Sessions

For 20 years, the goal of ASN has been to strengthen local governance structures for social integration and to shape social processes in such a way that the rights of women, girls, disadvantaged people and marginalized population groups are respected, protected, and promoted. We believe that all citizens should enjoy their basic rights equally, be able to use state services, and participate in local development and decision-making processes. In this regard, Aasaman is working to promote governance through people participating in an inclusive local development process. 

With Nepal’s recent switch to a Federal State, we encourage citizens to engage openly with political and administrative entities and support the local government to deliver citizen-friendly and accountable services. We work to bridge the gap between the community members and the government and facilitate to improve the citizen-state engagement.

In this course, we have initiated the “Promoting Citizen Empowerment and Inclusive Democracy” project in a number of districts in order to improve governance and livelihood. Similarly, ASN has established networks on its own initiative in all working districts to protect the rights of marginalized groups such as women, Dalits, and Muslims: National Musahar Improvement SocietyDalit Rights Network, and Women Rights Network.