Education and Child Protection is one of the major priority areas of Aasaman Nepal since its establishment. In order to increase people’s access to education and to enhance its quality, the organisation has been working in education related issues irrespective of geographical location. It specifically works in various districts of the Terai region to ensure community awareness and participation and to attain educational prosperity through social mobilization. Currently Aasaman Nepal is involved with various education related projects such as “Promoting Quality Education for Girls and Marginalized Children in Dhanusha (Terai)”, “Breaking the Bond”, “Sisters for Sisters’ Education”, “Aarambha”, “International Citizen Services” in collaboration with its national and international partners.  

Project under Education & Child Protection Theme

  • Promoting Quality Education for Girls and Marginalized Children of Dhanusha, Terai Nepal.
  • Sisters for Sisters Education (Phase II)
  • Aarambha
  • Breaking the Bond: Freedom through Education and Economic Empowerment for Musahar Girls in Nepal
  • International Citizen Service Programme
  • Awareness Raising on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Functional Literacy Class Programme
  • Sakriya