Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness Programme (CASA)

Implemented District
Bara & Nawalparasi
Funding Partner
May 2020 - April 2023

Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office’s (FCDO) Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) Programme seeks to change how investors, donors, and governments view and invest in agribusinesses that work with smallholder supply chains. In doing so, CASA will increase economic opportunities for smallholders by: –

  •  Demonstrating the commercial viability of small and medium-sized (SME) agribusinesses with significant smallholder supply chains and attracting more investment into these businesses.
  •  Deepening the smallholder impact of existing investments made by Development Finance Institutions (DFIs, notably CDC), and impact investors.
  •  Enabling poor smallholder farmers to engage with and trade in commercial markets; and,
  •  Researching and communicating the case for successful engagement with smallholder-linked agribusiness.

CASA has 3 components, two of which (Components A and C) are managed by NIRAS-LTS in partnership with Swisscontact and CABI. CASA’s component B is separately implemented by Techno serve and focuses on technical assistance and investment promotion for larger Agri-enterprises on the global development stage. In addition to its 3 components, CASA has 4 strategic cross-cutting components: –

  • Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI)
  • Nutrition and Food Security; and,
  • Climate Change and the Environment.
  • Animal Welfare

Component A will demonstrate high impact projects in the 3 target countries (Malawi, Uganda and Nepal) leading to (a) mobilization of investments for partner agri-businesses (which can include commercially minded farmer associations and cooperatives) for expanded outreach to smallholders; and, (b) improved access to markets for smallholders. The ultimate target group for CASA is the ‘missing middle’ of ‘stepping-up’ smallholders[1] – i.e. those that wish to engage in commercial agriculture but are largely not engaged to date (including 40% living on less than US$2/day and 50% women).

Component C is a learning and knowledge-sharing component that will inter alia leverage knowledge gains from Component A projects and other research to inform donors and investors about the merits of investing in agribusiness SMEs with significant outreach to smallholders.

Scope of Work:

Under the overall supervision of the Dairy Market Manager, the Area Expert will be responsible for supporting Arya Tara Pvt. Ltd. on the following:


Specific duties of the Dairy Expert

  1. Lead a preliminary area study of Province 2.
  2. List out the key information on the existing milk suppliers and major milk markets.
  3. Identify the existing milk supply chain and study the demand/supply of milk in different areas of Province 2.
    • List out the major milk producer groups, processors, suppliers, and consumers in the targeted area.
    • List out the areas that lack connectivity to the major milk markets despite having high milk production potential or high milk demand.
  4. Identify and map the milk pockets in Province 2 and determine the best strategic locations to establish central and local Milk Collection Centres.
  5. Work in collaboration with the Aarya Tara to map out the Milk Logistic Channel for efficient milk collection and delivery.
  6. Ensure proper monitoring of project activities to ensure project deliverables.
  7. Complying with the Project Manual and other relevant requirements of Swiss Contact.

 The assessments include 

Aarya Tara being a newly established dairy logistics company requires the support of an Area expert to build a strong foundation for its business by securing its milk supply channel and establishing a proper milk logistics system. With the support of the area expert, Arya Tara will be able to identify suitable milk suppliers from the targeted areas and determine strategic locations to establish a central milk collection center and 25 local milk collection points.

The purpose of the assignment is to conduct an area study in coordination with Arya Tara to determine focal milk sources from near and distant markets in Province 2. Therefore, CASA Nepal team is seeking an area expert to provide their expertise to conduct a preliminary area study of Province 2 and map focal locations to organize the milk collection and delivery channels.

Objectives of Activities:

The overall objective of the assignment is to conduct an area study of Province 2. The area study is expected to identify potential areas for milk collection and delivery. In addition, the study will also help in identifying strategic locations to establish central milk collection point and local milk collection points.


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