Pioneering in the area of education, child protection, health and livelihood, Aasaman Nepal has been successful in establishing itself as a National level NGO since its inception in 1999. It has shown its larger engagement and representation in developing and implementing programs aiming youth (female, marginalized and disadvantaged) employment through vocational and life skill training for livelihood, inclusive quality education (especially for Girls, Dalit, Muslim, Mushar and Children with Disability), protection, promotion and fulfillment of child rights (birth registration, child marriage and child labor) in various working districts under its jurisdiction as well as supporting disaster (flood, earthquake, storm and firing) afflicted people, children, family and households in terai, hill and mountain districts.

Aasaman Nepal (ASN) upholds the vision of healthier and educated children is currently working in 15 district of Nepal, in this pursuit. With its long term dedication to promote  children’s education, health and right, ASN work under various developmental themes; Education, Health and nutrition, child protection, natural resources management, livelihood and humanitarian response. Well know in the field of Education, ASN is building inroads for further intervention in its working thematic areas.

Pertinent to which, it collaborated with various donor agencies likewise Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH), UNESCO, VSO, UNICEF, Japan Platform, Save the Children and NCELL, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The Royal Norwegian Ministry), VSO, PSI, Aide et action, Swiss Contract, etc. ASN implements its programs in close collaboration with the Nepal government and its various governing/supporting bodies from the village level to the central level. Furthermore, it has established strategic partnership with department of education, WHH and Save the Children to work for education in emergency at central level and closely working with district disaster relief committee, Nepal Red Cross Society and likeminded organizations at district level. The organization is currently working with the 12,418 members of community-based support structures. Its members (Female-5120, Dalit-2224) include women’s groups, youth groups, school management committees, teachers, community-based organizations and other stakeholders.

While in service in education and school based programs, ASN realized that child nutrition is one of the most important component to be considered to give momentum and attain the vision of happy and healthy children and to contribute to the realization MDG goals and targets and also supports the aim that ASN envisions. Therefore, ASN with its resources and support from the donors have been working actively in the sector of nutrition

ASN’s working strategy that lays emphasis on local ownership; capacity building and community mobilization has led to wider impact and sustainability of the program among local people in its working area.


Aasaman envisages a society where all children are grown up and enjoying their childhood and development opportunities in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.


Aasaman builds a society which protects, promotes and fulfills the rights of children where all children equally enjoy their basic rights including access to quality health, education, protection, and livelihood opportunities.


Aasaman facilitates to increase voices and choices of rights holders (mainly women, girls and disadvantaged peoples and communities) to government basic services and entitlements including their meaningful participation in local institutions and structures (decision making bodies).