Support Structure Mobilization


A total of 801 groups were mobilized to withdraw children from work and enroll them into school; advocate preventing misuse of financial resources; mobilized on different promotional campaigns and initiated joint follow up activities and monitoring of the school. A total of 287 working children withdrawn from brick kilns, hotel, and other labor work enrolled in schools.

ASN has mobilized Rs. 12967178/- local resources especially on volunteer’s teacher’s incentive, education materials, and physical facilities, game sets and scholarship till now. This helps local institutions (VDC) to think seriously on the child labor and education rights issue.

ASN has conducted different training & workshop on CRC, management and accounting system, resource management and mobilization, SMC strengthening, RBA(Right Based Approach), Social Inclusion, Advocacy, child friendly and Agro forestry management etc including for capacity building of governmental(DOE, DEO etc) as well as non governmental organizations on child labor issue while facilitate on social mobilization training, Each child tracking system, develop DEP, VEP with DEO for data management. From this community people have chance to participate in the bottom up planning directly and they are aware on the concerned issue and have taken ownership.

Finally Kam Chodaun School Pathaun project was handed over formally to the community of Dhanusha and Mahottari district. More than 50 schools from both district thanks ASN for working coordinating in the past and requesting technical support in the future. At last ASN has learned that phase out means to change in the strategy and roles and phase in any program with phase out.

Hence, a working strategy of ASN is guided by a philosophy that people have the knowledge and resources, recognize and respect them and share what it has, to change the situation in order to make a better world. Immersion, interactions in the community and recognizing the indigenous knowledge and resources has been given high priorities, therefore ASN works with Maijan-Dewan (an traditional institutions of indigenous communities of eastern Tarai), has been able to mobilize the resources, human and financial, by launching a door to door donation collection for school building, and so on.