Promote Child Participation

Children Empowerment Centre (CEC) is one of the integral components of Support Structure (SS) thereby of Child Right Protection Foum(CRPF). There is government policy to form Child Club in every school. However, their roles and importance are debated. CEC, unlike regular child clubs in schools, is organized at village level.


They constitute a part of CRPF and aim in ‘eliminating child labor and ensuring compulsory and inclusive quality education for all children’. ASN has exercised child participation in real sense. ASN make sure that children voice is heard in every stages of SIP (School Improvement Plan) preparation.

Children their voice by participating in SIP process, meeting of SS, viz. women forum, youth forum, Dalit forums, and through street drama, meeting, interaction, publishing articles in child section of local newspaper, delegation, and urging school authorities etc.

To share the information throughout the people and aware them about child labor elimination through quality education, child friendly environment of school and protection of child rights in working area of Aasaman Nepal published Bal Awaz on quarterly basis.

In which article related with different issues of childrights in community level and children are collected and edited with the co-ordination of local journalist. Children are much energized by their article published in newsletter and also give confidence to write again in the future. They are provided basic training for all these tasks to perform.

CEC has become most instrumental in ECM and brining absent children into the schools. They have several stories to tell about releasing children from work, and stopping child marriage with their own initiatives. They are the one who holds most of the information about the children in the communities. Once they find any children not going to school or are sent to work, they visit the parents of those particular children; they bring the issues to the women forum, discuss with the ASN staffs and volunteers, and find out the solution.