Tailoring for a better future

Sushila Devi Baitha of Jamuniya-7, Sarlahi and her husband along with their family members lived a harsh life. They had a tough life, as the family did not own any land; they were landless. She has her husband, old mother and her son in her family.

Her husband used to go to Panjab of India as a seasonal labor migrant to earn something for the family. It was a survival strategy for him. In case someone gets sick in the family, they had to take loan from Sahu Mahajan, the local moneylenders, at a high interest. Their income was inadequate to repay the loan. They were getting further into the trap of poverty.

In 2063 BS, they became a member in Shree Ram Community Organization under Poverty Alleviation Fund Program. He was able to get a loan of Rs. 20,000 for cattle farming. He gradually started earning from it.  However, the farming involved more effort and less earning therefore, they decided to start tailoring at his home for additional income.

“We had never imagined that women could earn money for their household expenditure. The facilitator from Aasaman Nepal established Shree Ram Community Organization in the ward 7; provided training on income generation. Following the training, we started a tailoring shop at home; we are happy with the earning from it. We always lived inside the home under a veil; but now we go to buy materials by ourselves.”Sushil Devi narrated her story.

Her husbandcomfortably maintained, “Since the moment we started earning, level of poverty reduced accordingly. We still have to do a lot; have to go far, but we are satisfied with what we have now. Thanks to Aasaman and Garibi Nivaran Kosh.”