Strong social mobilization

Ni Ma Vi Bella is one of the JICA SSRP schools in Mahottari district. The head teacher of the school, Firan Thakur, along with other head teachers participating in 2-days district level social audit training, committed to make the social audit committees and do the social audit of school and dispense it on the parents publicly, and transparently. This social audit, that includes all the information about the school’s financial, educational, administration, physical sectors, helps to build the trust of the shareholders towards the school. The accountability of the school and the performance can be evaluated by the masses during such audits.


The head teacher of Ni MA VI Bella made the social audit committee and did the social audit for the financial year 2069/70. He then fixed the date for dispense of this social audit report in the parents gathering but he later cancelled the date. He gave the personal reason for cancelling the program. He repeated the same for next 3 times instead of making the social audit report public. The communities and the schoolteachersexpressed their strong dissatisfaction towards this act. Some of the community members locked up the head teacher in the office room for his irresponsible act. The situation turned worse and the community members were angry. Social Mobilizer, Pachulal Majhi of Aasaman Nepal, in order to prevent the situation becoming even worse, convinced the community members and teachers saying that he will find the solution. The community agreed to open the door and talked seriously with him about the issue. The community accused him for misusing the school fund for personal use. He then committed that he promised a new date that would be in November 2013.


As committed, he presented the social audit report in the parents’ teachers gathering in coordination of the Aasaman Nepal. With this, the community forced to form a school management committee. Now, all the project activities are smoothly going in this school. The social mobilizer of Aasaman Nepal was thus able to mediating the conflict.