“It was like a dream come true…”

Sangita Kumari Mahaseth, a resident of Dhanusha Govindapur-7 VDC of Dhanusha is living with a family of six. Her husband, two sons, father-in-law and mother-in-law are in the family. She had run a small grocery shop for five years to earn bread for her family. Considering the demand of the customers, she could expect good earnings from the shop if there had been adequate supplies. But neither could she invest from other sources, nor could she take any loan from any moneylender with a high-interest rate. Many times she felt she was helpless.

Poverty Alleviation Fund, through Aasaman Nepal, launched a program of financial aid for poverty reduction. Sangita Jumari also subscribed the membership of a group and she was soon selected as secretary of her group, namely, Shree Ram Janaki Community Organization. She participated in all programs keenly; and, took her responsibility sincerely. As a rule, she has to save a certain amount on a monthly basis.

Some six months ago, Sangita Kumari took a loan of Rs 45,000 from her CO; she invested that money to expand her grocery shops. Now, her daily income amounts Rs 300-400 from the shop. She has already paid four installments out of six installments of the loan she had taken. The income from the shop has made easier to run a house and educate the children. “Thanks to Aasaman and Garibi Niwaran, it was, for me, like a dream come true”.