Good parent can make the bright future of the children

There are only 15 households of Muslim in Giddha VDC-8 of Dhanusha district. Jamsed Nadaf is one of them living in that tole. He is now overseas. He has 3 daughters Amana Khatun, Amina Khatun and Roksana Khatun of aged 7 yrs, 8 yrs and 13 yrs. They are studying in Bhagbati PS Yogiyada. He has a 2 yrs son also.

This year, Amana Khatun completed grade 1 and promoted in grade 2 this year with 1st position. Amina Khatun completed graded 2 and promoted in grade 3 with 2nd position. Similarly, Roksana completed grade 4 and promoted in grade 5 with 2nd position. This made community people strange. It is happened only due to they have a good parent. Their mother Mariya are providing them favorable environment in home to study as well as encouraged them completing their assignment in spite of literate only. She is doing her domestic work herself. Really, Jamsed and Mariya becomes a model parent in the community. It proves that good parent can make the bright future of the children.

Finally, school decided and rewarded Mariya as well as her 3 daughters in the parent gathering. School also rewarded other best performing children from grade 1-7 to encourage them.