Fulnaj recovered from severe malnutrition

Coming from a socially disadvantaged community, she is also one of the illiterates. She signed as a member of SMC to allow the headmaster to allocate the budget for the toilet, although she did not understand the details. Next time, I will sign only after I understand fully what I am signing for, she said. Three of her children also go to the school where she is working. Her passion to involve herself in school management is not only for her children but also through her strong belief in justice and responsibility, meaning that anyone who takes a position, such as a teacher or a headmaster, has to fulfill his responsibility on behalf of the children who deserve quality education at school.

Fulnaj Begam is 3 years of age living in Pipra Bhagbanpur VDC with her mother Tetari Khatun. The economic condition of the Tetari Khatun was poor. Her husband worked as waged labor i.e. cutting land. Food viability for them was for only 3 months. There was no kitchen garden. So, they are not using green leafy vegetables. The surroundings of her house were not neat and clean during observation. Safe drinking water was not available for them either. They did not maintain personal hygiene. Khatun had not breastfed the child properly and provided complimentary food to Fulnaj timely. Finally, Fulnaj became malnourished. She was also identified as a severely malnourished child by the baseline survey conducted in April 2012.

With the coordination of SHP, in charge Sekh Abtab Aalam, Fulnaj was referred to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home in Zone Hospital Janakpurdham, Dhanusha. During her treatment, TB was found in Fulnaj. She was treated for a month at NRH. Treatment of Fulnaj for TB is continued now at SHP, Pipra Bhagbanpur. It was recovered by NRH for a month at Janakpurdham. She has returned home now and recovered from severe malnutrition.

This case has become a convincing point to the community people. Other community people i.e. mothers of normal children as well as moderate and acutely malnourished children are also demanding for the referral services. But Khatun is not able to provide complimentary food to her child at home as provided in the rehabilitation center. It may cause re malnutrition. So, she was encouraged to provide local food i.e. KHICHADI with green leafy vegetables at least. IG support to Khatun should be provided by the program to continue the better nutritional status of the Fulnaj in the coming days too.