An experience of Sajan as student- child bonded labor-student

Sajan Sada lives in Barharamal DVC ward no. 6. He is the son of Mr. Ram Ashish Sada. He is eight years old. Instead of going to school, he started work and became a child bonded labor in the same VDC at Mr. Bhesh Bahadur Lama’s home. Sajan had to watch after and graze buffalo. He was not provided any incentives for the work. He got food as incentives only. His parents, on the other hand, don’t have knowledge of importance of education. They did not take any step to escape their son from child labor.

Before joining the work, Sajan was a student of grade one. He was regular in his class. Due to lack of proper guidance, he left the school. Aasaman Nepal, with the support of Embassy of Finland, has been conducting different types of meetings in the community. While conducting meeting at tole level, parents of Sajan also attended. While discussing the negative impact of child bonded labor, their neighborhoods revealed about the status of Sajan. Social mobilizer and the participants of the meeting made him realize. They assisted to withdraw him from work.

Parents of Sajan knew the importance of education and negative impact of child labor. His father named Mr. Ram Ashish Sada attends every meeting conducted in the community.

Now, Sajan is regular in school. He is in grade three. He has also got facilities from school and Aasaman Nepal for copy, pencils as encouragement. He is good and regular in his class.