A case of Sampurna Chanara

success-storiesAasaman Nepal and VSO Nepal are working in joint venture with the financial support of European Union for the project “Teaching to Learn” to improve the learning outcomes of the marginalized and disadvantaged group in 16 schools of Jumla and Jajarkot district by ensuring quality teaching and learning environment and early grade literacy and numeracy program. The project has contributed to changing the lives of people through various interventions and Sampurna Chanara’s story is one of them.

Ten years old Sampurna, son of Aabir Chanara, a permanent resident of Bherimalika Municipality- 1, Kolchaur, Jajarkot studies in grade five in Shree Dipendra Primary School, Rawatgaun. Sampurna didn’t go to school regularly and mostly left school early. His parents are illiterate and didn’t bother much about his education. As a result of this, Sampurna raised cattle and was also more focused on doing household chores and supporting his family. This ultimately led to a loss of his interest towards education and was reluctant to participate in any activities organized in school.

During the course of project implementation, parental awareness raising workshop, an interaction of parents, CECC meetings were organized. These activities highlighted on the importance of education and responsibility of parents towards their children’s improvement in education by promoting reading culture in home as well. Parents contributed by making cushions for children in school. Community mobilizers and classroom assistants organized household campaign for ensuring regularity of children. CAs supported the children to do their homework during vacation.

By the contribution of all and especially due to growing concern of parents, Sampurna now goes to school regularly and also participates in extracurricular activities. He does his homework regularly and pays more attention towards his studies than the household chores; he presents his queries in front of teachers in classroom. Teacher Balram Shah states that “Sampurna stands as the most regular child in school among others from Kolchaur tole”.  He further added Sampurna was not a diligent student before but this year he stood in second position. His parents are very happy about his success.