A Small Step Towards Positive Change

Shree Ra Pra Bi, Bhagawatipur had 4 rooms, 3 rooms as classrooms, where 4 differentgrades (grade 1 to 4)used to be housed. The fourth room was used as office room. Learning achievement of the students was poor, and the quality education was not good because of this.

When the JICA SSRP program implemented, the first step was a discussion and sharing about the learning achievement, child friendly environment and quality education with HT, SMC and the teachers. They took up the issue very seriously; and, decided to build an addition room with a partition wall in the office room, so that each grade would have a separate classroom. In the following months, it was reported that the learning achievement rate of the students increased. Quality of education got gradually upgraded. With less burden and workloads, they were able to crate a child friendly environment in the school.