Teaching to Learn


Teaching to Learn aims to improve learning outcomes for marginalized children in Nepal by developing teachers training and early grade literacy and numeracy of grades 1,2 and 3. The project is carried out in 16 schools of two districts Jumla and Jajarkot from March, 2014 till December, 2016 and is funded by European Union and implemented by Aasaman Nepal in partnership with VSO (Voluntary Service Organization). Altogether 14 staffs are mobilized in both center and district level for effective execution of the project.Reading is the foundation of learning which starts from early stage and is a continuing process. The future educational success of a child can be determined by his/her reading and numeric skills. According to EFA Global Monitoring Report UNESCO, 171 million people could be uplifted from the poverty in developing country if they at least have the basic reading and numeracy skills. In Nepal, students who attend primary schools struggle to read and lack basic mathematical skills in early grades.


  1.  To contribute to improved quality of teaching and learning of marginalized children in grades 1-3 in Midwest Nepal.
  2. To contribute to a more child-friendly early- grade learning environment in schools and communities in Midwest Nepal
  3. To contribute to strengthening education management and needs-based planning systems from school to central level.

Target Areas:

Jumla and Jajarkot Districts


Target Groups:

  • 2,483 children of grade one to three
  • 16 schools (8 Jumla and 8 Jajarkot)
  • 64 teachers, 4 teachers from each school
  • 16 Head Teachers
  • 16 School Management Committees/Parent Teacher Associations
  • 64 classroom assistants
  • 8 DEO staff
  • 8 focal staff of the Curriculum Development Centre, NCED, DoE and MoE
  • 4 teacher trainers and,
  • 300 teacher trainees.

Implementing Partner

  Funded by