Poverty Alleviation in Dhanusha


Poverty alleviation fund (PAF) is working with 14 different local partner organizations (PNGOs) in Dhanusha district. AasamanNepalis one of them. There are hundred VDCs and one Municipality in the district. According to agreement with PAF dated Aashadh 2066, AasamanNepal(ASN) is implementing its program in 4 VDCs i.e. Barmajhiya, Dhanusha Govindapur, Bhutahi Paterwa and Thilla Yaduwa. These VDCs are lies in the east and south part of the district. Another remarkable thing is that all targeted VDCs are far from Headquarter Janakpudham.

Apart from this, we notice that people are living with different race, face and cast in these respective VDCs. By professionally most of the people are farmer however they have no their own land for farming and Cattle. Most of them are engaged in waged labor to solve their hand to mouth problem. Most of people are landless and cattle less. They are illiterate too. Because of illiteracy most of the younger from indigenous, Dalit, Muslim and other backward cast are going to the Golf and other country for labor. Most of them are abandoned from information of development. So, keeping above scenario in mind, PAF and ASN had jointly chosen the working area.


Reduce poverty through supporting poor targeted community


Dhanusha district

Target Groups:

756 (275 dalit, Janajati 144, Muslim 41 and other 315)HHs of Baramajhiya, Thilla Yaduwa, Bhutahi Paterba and Dhanusha Gobindpur VDCs of Dhanusha district and 4253 family members (male 2168, female 2085)