Strategic Plan and Annual Review Workshop Formulation Process

Strategy planning and Annual Review Workshop formulation work section was held with the introduction of the participants and brief information of board members and with all developmental staff (44) and board members (8). After that, the objective of the strategic plan was explained by Mr. Nawal Kishor Yadav (Executive Director of Aasaman Nepal). A brief History and establishment of Aasaman Nepal were also explained by Nawal Kishor Yadav and its and progress made so far to improve the lives of children and uplift the living standards of Marginalized communities in 15 districts by improving their access to quality education, quality health services in close collaboration with concerned government line agencies. Aasaman Nepal is going to hold four workshops at district and centre level for a close network in the field of different sector till December 2017.

A preliminary presentation was prepared by Dr. Bhola Dhal, and Dr. Uttam Uprity in consultation with the high official of Aasaman and the first presented and was discussed in the section on review of Aasaman Nepal’s past and present performance, review on internal system and policy of Aasaman Nepal. Along with the achievements of Aasaman Nepal and present scenario of the organization and five-year Strategic Plan. Similarly, the section was divided into an in-depth discussion on new structural change of government such as (Rural Municipality and Municipality) and rational and selection of target groups, areas and thematic including chosen by election on the priority issues. Suggestions and inputs of the idea were incorporated in the final draft from all the development staff of Aasaman Nepal.